Insight Energy, LLC


• Energy Procurement:  Insight Energy has distinguished relationships with every major supplier in your market.

• Price Transparency: We will independently price your supply contract in parallel with the suppliers, assuring that the supplier’s offers the best optional price.

• Data Management: Insight Energy maintains a historical price data base and historical load profiles for reconciliation and back-casting.

• Strategic Procurement Process:  Your power supply requirements are more complex than a single location. Insight Energy will leverage the options available across your portfolio of locations to give you the most flexibility in contract timing & price control.

• Price Risk Management: Our staff specializes in using all contractual tools to limit your market exposure to your risk preference, such as fixed-price agreements, Heat Rate (HR) based agreements, & floating index rates with price caps & price floors.

We will initiate, negotiate and execute a rate at the correct time to capture the bottom of the current market. Our team is perfectly positioned to provide you with the best procurement strategy in the industry.